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Tuor Networks

MSP sees phishing-related calls drop by up to 20% with addition of Managed Phishline

About Tuor Networks

Based in Toronto, Tuor Networks is an IT managed services provider (MSP) serving customers nationally across Canada. The company provides comprehensive solutions in IT infrastructure, cloud, and outsourced IT managed services to small, medium and large businesses across a variety of verticals.

MSP Challenge

  • As phishing attacks and social engineering scams became more sophisticated, Tuor needed to provide more comprehensive protection, including security education to their customers.


    Tuor was able to address this by implementing:

  • Barracuda Essentials, which utilizes mail encryption, spam filtering, cloud-based backup and archiving.
  • Barracuda Sentinel for protection with artificial intelligence (AI) from advanced email threats.
  • Managed PhishLine, which provides educational training on a per-user basis and can easily scale up or down based on each customer’s need.


  • The MSP is projecting 20 percent growth this year, and anticipating its number of customers on a managed services plan will rise from 70 percent to 80-90 percent over the next year.
  • Customer support calls have dropped by 20 percent since implementing PhishLine
  • Utilizing a subscription model is a crucial component to the MSP’s success.

Barracuda's Managed Phishline identifies employees that need security awareness training before they fall victim to phishing scams

We use Barracuda’s Managed PhishLine service to send simulated phishing emails to clients as part of on-going security campaigns. If a customer falls for it, we’re notified immediately and can use the opportunity to train the employee so they can be more aware in the future.”

Albert Trinh, Executive Vice President, Tuor Networks

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