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MSP improves proactive security services with Barracuda RMM

About TechSolvers

TechSolvers is located 16 kilometers north of London and provides managed services to small and medium enterprises, as well as IT consultancy for larger businesses. Phil Long, a director for TechSolvers, states that the key to the company’s success has been their laser focus on proactive customer service and strong client relationships. “We have a small, dedicated team that is completely customer service driven, which is rare in this day and age. We truly care about our client base and, along with the expertise and chemistry of our team, this enables us to deliver higher quality services and exceed expectations.”

MSP Challenge

  • TechSolvers needed a solution that enabled them to take a proactive approach to securing their clients’ IT environments


    Using the cloud-based version of Barracuda RMM, TechSolvers was able to:

  • Gain full visibility to customers’ networks
  • Receive alerts notifying their team of any issues, which empowers them to respond quickly
  • Take advantage of on-demand remote control tool to provide support without conducting an on-site visit


  • The MSP gained efficiencies in proactive, responsive service through automated alerting and scripted remediation
  • Simplified billing process by using a more straightforward system then they had previously
  • On-demand remote control tool allowed TechSolvers to reduce their costs by £1.7k per year and eliminate the need to purchase third-party licenses

Barracuda RMM improves efficiencies and finds service opportunities

When I’m presented with a challenge, I can use Barracuda RMM to fix it and prevent it from happening again in the future. This enables us to be proactive going forward, which is huge for our team and clients.

Phil Long, Director, TechSolvers

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