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MSP Finds Path to Zero Trust with Barracuda CloudGen Access

About Soteria

Soteria is a fast-growing Charleston, SC-based managed security services and professional services organization. Their products help proactively guard against network, endpoint and application threats and combine the most advanced security technology with expert analysis. Soteria serves government and private sector clients, many of whom are migrating from data centers to modern cloud infrastructure. That includes their own internal IT. And with consultants traveling the world to serve clients, reliable, fast and secure remote access is not only a priority but a mandate.

MSP Challenge

  • Overhead due to seperate VPN install
  • No DNS and routing management by the VPN solution
  • Accessibility and performance issues
  • Lack of resilience to natural disasters


    With Barracuda CloudGen Access, the MSP experienced:

  • Enhanced operational performance addressed all the issues associated with their legacy VPN deployment
  • Easy and secure global access without lag time and complicated constructs
  • Improved security across the board compared to traditional VPNs


With Barracuda CloudGen Access, Soteria has improved employee efficiency and streamlined business continuity, giving the team peace of mind.


Barracuda CloudGen Access provides valuable security

Usually when you gain availability, you lose security. With CloudGen Access, you get both.”


Anthony Baio, Security Engineer, Soteria LLC

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