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MSP creates GDPR service model using Barracuda RMM


SOTEC GmbH, headquartered in Laudenbach, Germany, is one of the leading IT systems integrators and service providers in the Rhein Neckar metropolitan area in southwestern Germany. Serving small businesses and enterprises, the company provides consultancy, security, and infrastructure management services throughout the IT life-cycle for workstations and data centers.As owner and managing director, Oliver Fritz shares, “Our service and consultancy business accounts for more than 65 percent of our profits and we expect this to continue to grow as we respond to clients’ security and compliance needs.”

MSP Challenge

  • SOTEC needed a solution that could supply security protection to help its clients achieve GDPR compliance.


    SOTEC chose Barracuda RMM for its:

  • Ability to integrate with Office 365 environments, private cloud solutions, and mobile devices
  • Site Security Assessment to identify where additional security protection is needed
  • Asset management, integrated antivirus, alerting function, and patch management
  • Customized reporting capabilities
  • Fit in SOTEC’s 3-Step Model for GDPR compliance


    Through its use of Barracuda RMM, SOTEC has:

  • Built an effective 3-Step Model for GDPR compliance, which has also become an effective customer acquisition tool
  • Been able to solidify relationships with clients that SOTEC had long been pursuing

Barracuda RMM offers many valuable capabilities within one platform

We can perform security assessments very easily and efficiently across all customer locations, identify where security protection is needed, start implementing the services, and provide reports that show exactly how we are improving security – all from the RMM platform.”

Oliver Fritz, Owner and Managing Director, SOTEC

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