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MSP expands its service capabilities and meet clients’ security needs with Barracuda RMM

About PrimeConcepts

Dan Harley started PrimeConcepts more than 20 years ago as an Internet consulting company serving small- to mid-sized businesses in the Apple Valley, California area. PrimeConcepts helps companies build ecommerce platforms and develop online marketing strategies that encompass inbound marketing and SEO tactics. Dan also has decades of experience in computer programming and repair, web design, business management, and professional sales.

MSP Challenge

  • PrimeConcepts lacked the resources needed to effectively meet their customers’ IT and security needs and required a solution that could reduce the workload and simplify the technical aspects that they were less familiar with.


    Barracuda RMM provided:

  • A built-in Site Security Assessment that helped identify and address vulnerabilities
  • An Operational Accelerator service, the Network Operations Center, that complemented their existing team and delivered support services, even after hours and on weekends


    PrimeConcepts is now able to:

  • Uncover and resolve issues that were compromising performance and creating security vulnerabilities
  • Provide scalable, comprehensive IT services and support without having to increase headcount
  • Help customers comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA

Barracuda RMM improves efficiencies and finds service opportunities

With Barracuda MSP and their Barracuda RMM, I can offer clients better service than competitors with more than 20 employees, without taking on the burden and risk of building a big staff. I have 30 other clients who know I’m offering these services and I could easily add all of them before I’d need to hire another employee."

Dan Harley, Founder, PrimeConcepts

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