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Premier One

Barracuda RMM helps Premier One deploy patches 3x faster for twice as many endpoints

About Premier One

Headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, Premier One provides managed IT and security services as well as IT consulting to small businesses. The company’s client base includes service-based industries, such as title insurance, accounting, legal and nonprofit, with branch offices in multiple locations. Premier One’s Vice President of Technology, Chris Hamm, explains, “We deliver a fully managed service, handling everything from the keyboard to the cloud. What sets us apart is our quick response time, continual communication with clients, and ability to dig a bit deeper into IT and security issues than other service providers.”

MSP Challenge

  • Premier One was looking for an effective patch management process that was not too labor-intensive for the MSP’s staff


    Barracuda RMM:

  • Helped identify customer systems that are not receiving patches, so the MSP can address the issue
  • Delivered patches to off-the-network devices and found any concerning uptime and usage trends


The MSP is now able to:

  • Deploy patches 3x faster to twice as many endpoints using Barracuda RMM
  • Reduce labor hours required for patch management across entire client base by 45 percent
  • Premier One is on track to double the number of Barracuda RMM deployments to new customers in 2018 compared to 2017

Barracuda RMM improves efficiencies and finds service opportunities

Barracuda RMM provides us insight into our customer systems on many levels and is a great complement to our own data analysis tools. This has allowed us to improve our operational efficiencies and also identify new service needs. This year, we are on track to more than double our number of Barracuda RMM deployments.

Chris Hamm, Vice President of Technology, Premier One

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