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Nova IT Solutions

Comprehensive BDR and best-in-class Security without the big price tag.

Founded in 2009 and based in London, Nova IT Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services to protect, manage, maintain and support IT systems, infrastructure, networks and cloud services. A multi award winning company, Nova IT provides support and services to schools, charities and SMEs.

“We provide tailor-made IT packages for our customers and strongly believe that IT should be as invisible and hassle-free as possible. An IT disaster can be a worrying event, so we pride ourselves on offering effective solutions with fast and friendly support and look for the same from our partners,” says Roland Nowak, Director at Nova IT Solutions.


Removing the hassle from setting up BDR

During 2016, Nova IT Solutions was searching for a way to improve its disaster recovery offering. “We wanted to expand the capabilities of our offering, without passing on a large price rise to the customer,” explains Roland Nowak. The company was introduced to Barracuda MSP and after a successful trial of Barracuda Intronis Backup, it began an initial rollout to customers in February 2017.

“We immediately saw the benefits of being able to backup our clients servers to the cloud. And the fact that the cloud storage is unlimited means that we don’t have to worry about any unexpected price increases,” he added. Nova IT Solutions had been struggling with existing solutions that relied on customers manually changing drives on a regular basis. With the new backup solution from Barracuda MSP, customers are completely removed from the equation.

“Barracuda MSP has improved the quality, reliability and resilience of our cloud backups. Our existing solution for Office 365 backups was on-premises and struggled with SharePoint and OneDrive. The key attraction of the Barracuda MSP offering was its capabilities in these two areas and the fact that we no longer have to install software on customer servers,” says Nowak. He adds, “This has reduced our initial rollout time and means that the customer has far less involvement while we get them set up.”


A guaranteed time-to-recovery

In addition to making BDR faster and easier to set up, Nova IT Solutions has been able to offer a near-guaranteed time-to-recovery. “In the event of a catastrophe, Barracuda MSP can send out a pre-populated appliance to arrive with us the next day. Previously, the client would have to get drives to us that we would then populate with the latest backed-up data. With Barracuda MSP, we can get the data back up and running faster and without any involvement from the customer at all. Overall, this has removed around 12 hours of restoration work at our end, which is passed straight on to our customer as a direct reduction in time-to-recovery,” explains Roland Nowak.

Barracuda Intronis Backup has now become the default backup appliance for Nova IT Solutions and the rollout to all existing BDR customers is almost complete.


Adding Barracuda firewall for an affordable security solution

Nowak and the Nova IT Solutions team were so impressed with the service and support they received from Barracuda that they decided to look at adding further Barracuda MSP offerings. They had some SME customers that were looking for an IT solution that could give them added capabilities from a security solutions standpoint.

“The fact that the Barracuda firewall was delivered on a bundled monthly price meant that it is a very cost-effective option. There are plenty of solutions out there that could do the job, but compared to Barracuda’s offering, they are simply not economical, for us or our customers,” says Nowak. “Barracuda has great heritage in security and so we know that the firewall can provide the enhanced protection that our customers are looking for,” he adds.

In addition to the firewalls, Nova IT Solutions decided to replace its existing management console with the Echo Platform. This was driven by concerns about the support for the existing product.

“Barracuda support staff are very helpful and that makes a big difference. Not only have we been able to replace multiple disparate solutions with a suite from a single vendor, but also the level of service and the responsiveness of the Barracuda team has made it far easier to do our job. The company provides truly 24/7 support,” says Nowak.

Nova IT Solutions has also rolled out Barracuda’s Office 365 Essentials offering, through its multi-layered email security, compliance archiving, and cloud-to-cloud backup they can rest assured their O365 data is safe.

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