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MSP provides comprehensive network and email security by using Barracuda MSP

About NoctisIT

NoctisIT has been serving the Austin, Texas area since 2013, providing technical help desk support, computer support, and consulting services to small and mid-size businesses. The service provider’s security expertise has contributed to its demand not only in protecting highly regulated businesses, but has also led to a growing number of partnerships supporting other MSPs. Co-founder, virtual CIO and enterprise architect Jason Whitehurst, has more than 15 years of experience in design, implementation, and support of enterprise and SMB environments. “We partner with many different types of businesses in the area and strive to eliminate IT issues before they cause expensive downtime, so our customers can continue to drive their businesses forward.”

MSP Challenge

  • NoctisIT required an effective method to stop malicious spear phishing emails and targeted cyber fraud attacks from reaching customers’ inboxes


    By partnering with Barracuda MSP to offer Essentials and Sentinel, NoctisIT gained the ability to:

  • Monitor email backups in real time
  • Deliver AI and machine learning to detect targeted attacks before they reach client inboxes


    Using Barracuda Essentials and Sentinel, NoctisIT has been able to:

  • Reduce weekly labor time spent restoring compromised computers across several thousand mailboxes from 12-16 hours per week to just 5
  • Add 2,000 new endpoints in the last 90 days
  • Experience 80 percent growth in security solution sales and services
  • Prevent targeted phishing emails from getting through to customers and targeted departments

AI capabilities of Barracuda Essentials and Sentinel prove to be a vital part of MSP's cybersecurity defense

We warn all those that we partner with, if they are not using Barracuda Essentials spam filtering and Barracuda Sentinel’s AI capabilities, they’re putting themselves at serious risk of becoming a victim of a successful cyberattack."

Jason Whitehurst, Co-founder, virtual CIO, and enterprise architect, NoctisIT

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