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McLernon Computers

MSP improves service delivery efficiency by 75 percent with Barracuda RMM

About McLernon Computers

Founded in 1982 with offices in Belfast, Dublin and Chorley, England, McLernon Computers Ltd. is the largest provider of software to community pharmacies in Ireland. They serve small, independent pharmacies as well as large chains with hundreds of IT systems. The company provides fully integrated, Windows-based dispensing software for fulfilling medication orders and sophisticated electronic Point of Sale (POS) systems for managing retail and back-end pharmacy operations. “Our success is largely due to our ability to be highly innovative and responsive to changing IT and security needs in the pharmacy market, as well as financial and legislative dynamics,” shares Systems Engineer Marc McGaughey. “This gives us a unique advantage in the market and enables us to deliver excellent products and customer service.”

MSP Challenge

  • McLernon Computers required a security solution that could protect sensitive data, maintain uptime, and provide scalability to keep up with an evolving threat landscape.


    By using Barracuda RMM, McLernon Computers was able to:

  • Automate and scale their service delivery
  • Improve their ability to detect threats
  • Utilize the RMM’s remote control tools to connect to customer sites and set up scripting deliver patches remotely, and respond quickly to issues


    After deploying Barracuda RMM, McLernon Computers experienced:

  • A 50 percent reduction in on-site engineer visits and help desk calls
  • A 75 percent increase in the efficiency of how they deliver patch management and other security services
  • These improvements led them to sign a two-year renewal for Barracuda RMM

Barracuda RMM's scalability provides extra value

Barracuda RMM is the solution that enables us to build and scale a successful business in the pharmacy market. We have the confidence that we are providing the strongest security protection and system reliability while realising new efficiencies that help us elevate our service delivery."

Marc McGaughey, Systems Engineer, McLernon Computers

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