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Mark III Systems

MSP gains visibility and addresses vulnerabilities with Barracuda RMM

About Mark III

Mark III Systems has grown from a one-woman enterprise founded by Leslie Powell in 1995 to a large, multi-disciplinary solutions provider serving small and medium businesses and enterprises worldwide. Based in Houston and providing a full stack of enterprise-class servers, storage, networking products, and managed services, the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their specialized requirements has resulted in continued relationships with nearly every customer they have worked with. “We follow our customers’ needs. Our customer requirements drive how we grow, reshape, and transform our business,” explains Chris Bogan, Vice President of Sales.

MSP Challenge

  • Mark III Systems needed a solution that could provide 24/7 visibility into their customers’ IT environments and connected devices.


    Mark III resolved its challenge thanks to Barracuda RMM’s:

  • Assessment, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, which helped improve the user experience
  • Ability to identify applications and users with cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Show snapshots of customer environments


    By using Barracuda RMM, Mark III was able to:

  • Reduce the number of customer support calls, saving 100 hours a week for the engineering team
  • Generate new business and improve customer satisfaction and relationships with current clients
  • Gained a more holistic approach to security assessment, monitoring, and management

Barracuda's solutions and services prove dependable for MSP's clients

Using Barracuda RMM, we can deliver the highest level of service, protect businesses, and increase customer satisfaction. We are also enabling end users to do their job — not fight with technology."

Chris Bogan, Vice President of Sales, Mark III Systems

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