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Barracuda RMM helps automate clients’ security compliance

About JETenterprises

Based in Waltham Abbey on the borders of Hertfordshire and London, JETenterprises UK Ltd. has been providing IT and managed security services to small and medium enterprises throughout London, Essex, and Hertfordshire since 2003.“We’re focused on helping small companies build their business and we take a solutions-based approach as opposed to just pushing products,” explains Jeff Towerzey, the owner and founder of JETenterprises. “We assess clients’ security needs and respond with comprehensive programs that deliver strong protection and services that set each business up for success going forward.”

MSP Challenge

  • JETenterprises was searching for efficient ways to ensure their clients remained compliant with the Cyber Essentials and GDPR standards


    Barracuda RMM:

  • Used Barracuda RMM to automate the security compliance process
  • Deployed site and network security assessments to provide faster responses when requesting security reports
  • Took advantage of Barracuda RMM’s NOC and Help Desk services, which are equipped with 24/7 support for specific individual clients, to reduce workload on their own team


Through JETenterprises’ use of Barracuda RMM:

  • Automated 100 percent of the compliance processes for Cyber Essentials and GDPR
  • Reduced time required to assess security health for each client site by 75 percent
  • Of their client base, 85 percent are already utilizing Barracuda RMM, with 100 percent expected to do so by the end of the year

Barracuda RMM's overall value makes it the perfect choice for an RMM tool

“Barracuda RMM is the platform we are using for nearly everything we do. The cost is so reasonable that it just makes sense to use it for every client. It provides the capabilities and services we need and enables us to efficiently ensure each client meets cybersecurity standards and compliance regulations.”

Jeff Towerzey, Owner and Founder of JETenterprises

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