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IT Eye Ltd.

Complete Control via Managed Backup Services Helps Automate Client Backup for MSP IT Eye Ltd

Time is key when you’re a busy MSP, looking after over 200 clients with over 1000 computers and 60 servers between them. Founded in 2008, IT Eye offers computer software support and advice to small businesses regarding a range of IT issues including Windows, Office, backup, and anti-virus. It prides itself in helping companies move forward with their IT systems, minimising the pain and frustration of managing a technology estate.


From Manual Backup to Fully Automated Managed Services

IT Eye offers managed software support services to a variety of small to mid size businesses in the UK. Whilst software support has traditionally been the core business, in recent years the firm has begun to cross-sell bundled services such as anti-virus and backup to existing customers.

Historically, cloud backup for clients meant that IT Eye would need to connect to the client’s device themselves to perform any changes orrestore of files. It was a time-intensive business and relied on a user giving over their PC. Mark Sitwell, director and co-founder, decided to search for a system that would enable the company to fully automate the backup process and remove the need for client interaction.

After considering several solution providers, Mark came across a demonstration of Barracuda’s MSP platform. “The Barracuda Intronis Backup software ticked all the boxes for us. It is web based, feature rich software that allows us to control backups without having to ask our clients to be involved. This is key for us because it makes the whole backup and file restoration process a much smoother one.”

“We tested the solution initially and were really impressed by its speed and configuration. It also offered us the opportunity to control the amount of data per site. That was a key benefit for us. We can have one site with multiple PCs backing up into a predetermined data allowance, allowing us to manage, not only our costs, but also our clients.” The company decided to begin roll out to all clients.


Developing the Managed Services Business

The system is now fully operational for almost all IT Eye clients. Through Barracuda’s Managed Backup offering, IT Eye can add agents to computers and other devices in a way that requires minimal touch. This means that client work is not interrupted, unlike with some alternative backup applications. As a result, backups are more successful than ever before and multiple computers can backup under one account.

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