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Enterprise Class BDR and Preventative Security Experience for SMBs

InterDev has been providing IT support and security services to corporations, non-profits, educational organizations, and public-sector entities for more than three decades, and its commitment to delivering a broad spectrum of technology solutions and services has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the MSP was named a 2013 Pacesetter by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, an award that honors the 100 fastest-growing, privately held companies in Atlanta. Later that same year, Inc. magazine ranked InterDev #2206 on its 32nd annual Inc. 500|5000 list.

David Rolleri, a systems engineer at InterDev, sheds light on one of the traits that helps his company stand out from its competitors. “We deliver enterprise-level solutions at an affordable price,” he says. Making that commitment is harder than it seems, especially when an IT vendor doesn’t keep up with technology. “We used to work with a well-known BDR provider that stopped investing in and evolving its product, and it became a hindrance to our ability to serve our customers,” says Rolleri. “Their interface and console were flawed at every level, and performing restores was a clunky process, to say the least.”


Provide a Scalable BDR Solution for a Fraction of the Cost

In early 2016, InterDev stopped using its legacy BDR vendor and switched to Barracuda Backup. “Previously, we had used Barracuda appliances internally, so we were already familiar with them,” he says. “Shortly after making the switch, we were introduced to Barracuda Intronis Backup, which is a cloud-based complement to Barracuda’s on-premise backup appliance.”

Rolleri admits he was a bit skeptical when he first heard about all the features included with the Barracuda Intronis Backup offering. “It includes image and file-based backups, SQL and Exchange backups, and on-premise and cloud backup for a fraction of what other vendors we worked with in the past charged,” he says. “Plus, it’s much easier to manage, and it scales easily. We’ve used it for customers with two employees, and we’ve used it for a state government agency in Atlanta with hundreds of employees.”


Barracuda Essentials Is the Perfect BDR Complement

Rolleri says he’s been impressed with the performance of the Barracuda Backup appliance and Barracuda Intronis Backup, as well as the solutions’ ability to save time on labor. “I used to spend six hours a day checking backups and troubleshooting problems,” he says. “A lot of time was wasted logging into each customer’s servers. Now, with the Barracuda ECHOplatform portal, I can log in once and see all backups and address any issues. It takes less than an hour a day to manage all our customers’ backups.”

While having a reliable BDR system in place is a good foundation, InterDev’s goal is to lower the number of incidents that require data recovery. With the growing threat of phishing schemes and ransomware, Rolleri says educating the same clients over and over about not clicking on suspicious emails gets old quickly.

“We found Barracuda Essentials to be the perfect solution for our customers using Exchange or Office 365,” he says. “The solution adds a sandboxing environment that automatically tests suspicious emails in a safe environment and quarantines the bad stuff before it gets to the user. We can review a quarantined message to confirm whether it’s OK or not. There have been instances, however, where we thought the Barracuda Essentials filtered a legit email, but it turned out to be malicious. It’s nice knowing that if a virus gets through our security defenses, we can use the BDR. But, being able to prevent problems before they happen is even better because it saves our customers and us more time to focus on what really matters.”

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