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Healthy IT

Barracuda Intronis Backup Gives MSP Error-Free Cloud Recovery 10 Years and Running

MSP Challenges

  • Many customers have yet to make the transition to managed services.
  • Customers using unmanaged backup and security products have a false sense that data is protected.
  • Another concern with unmanaged backup and security products is that they don’t meet HIPAA requirements.


By partnering with Barracuda MSP, Healthy IT was able to:

  • Leverage the Barracuda Intronis Backup solution to educate break-fix customers about the need for a managed data protection solution. They run free assessments of the last backup run by a competing solution and they nearly always find a sizable gap between when customers think it was backed up and when it actually happened. This creates an opportunity to further educate customers about reasons these systems fail such as operating system or other software updates, and demonstrates the value of investing in managed backup with Intronis Backup.


  • Customers have a better understanding of how easy and economical it is for Healthy IT to manage their backups.
  • Easier segue for the MSP to convert the customer to a full managed services program.
  • 30 Percent revenue growth due to adjusting its sales approach to be more consultative and leading with backup.

Barracuda Intronis Backup in Action

One disaster recovery story that sticks out in Scott Sanford’s mind most was from 2012, after Hurricane Sandy flooded one of his radiologist clients in Long Island. The Healthy IT staff helped the client set up computers in a new temporary space, and then they logged into Intronis Backup and downloaded the client’s most recent backup from the cloud. “Within a couple of hours, the restore was complete, and less than 30 minutes of data was lost in the process,” says Sanford. “During this same period, we heard a lot of horror stories from other practices that were affected by the hurricane and took several weeks to get back up and running, and they lost weeks’ worth of data. That’s why we continue to use Barracuda MSP — they’ve never let us down.”

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