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Future Link IT

CloudGen Firewall Creates Security and Productivity Gains

Future Link IT, which was founded during the boom of the early-2000s, functions in a way most businesses strive for. That is, being able to serve customers in a variety of vertical markets without giving up quality care.

For nearly 13 years, the MSP offered its customers a firewall solution from a company providing unified threat management appliances. After its firewall vendor was acquired in December 2013, however, the solution was no longer being updated. For example, the development of new spam filters stopped, and as spam threats grew more and more elusive, the legacy appliance company could no longer keep up. Future Link IT needed to look for an alternative solution that would meet its requirements.


The Search for a New Firewall Provider Uncovers a Surprise

After researching several firewall providers, Future Link IT chose Barracuda MSP. “The fact that all of the Barracuda solutions can manage two internet connections at once is a big deal,” says Chris Higgins, sales manager at Future Link IT. “Additionally, the Barracuda solution can be integrated with Office 365 and the cloud without requiring an on-premise Exchange server.”

Higgins notes, too, that Barracuda firewalls offer granular control capabilities, like blocking social media during the workday. “Searches can even be set to block by category, such as adult content, YouTube, and even March Madness,” he says.


Barracuda Cloud-Generation Firewall Proves Its Worth Right Away

After replacing one of his customers’ legacy firewalls with the Barracuda Cloud-Generation Firewall – MSP, Higgins says his team noticed an immediate difference. “In terms of the spam filter, Barracuda addressed many problems the previous firewall had, like the sudden influx of spam e-mails making it into inboxes and conversely, legitimate e-mails being quarantined,” he says. After migrating several customers over to the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, Higgins says the time spent managing email issues dropped from eight hours a week to 30 minutes a week.

In the SMB space, the cost of a solution plays a big role in customers’ buying decisions. Through the subscription-based pricing offered by Barracuda MSP, Future Link IT found it could easily make the switch and update its customers to a cost-effective Barracuda Cloud-Generation Firewall – MSP. “Price wise, the cost is very similar, and in some cases, it's lower than our previous solution,” says Higgins.


Barracuda MSP BDR Complements Barracuda Security

After its success with the Barracuda Cloud-Generation Firewall – MSP, Future Link IT also started using Barracuda Backup – MSP appliances, and more recently Barracuda Intronis Backup's cloud-based data protection. “Not long after we started using our new BDR solution, one of our customers experienced an ERP system failure that required a data recovery,” says Higgins. “We were able to restore their directory within 20 minutes thanks to Barracuda Backup.”

Higgins notes that the portfolio of solutions enables his company to service more customers. “Prior to adopting these new firewall and BDR solutions and incorporating them with our MSP software, we visited about 50 customers per month, and now we can support more than twice as many customers—with no additional staff,” he says.

The MSP’s next few goals include converting all its customers to the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall and Barracuda Backup, and growing the number of Barracuda Intronis Backup customers as well. “We are in a win-win situation,” says Higgins. “As our company continues to become more efficient and agile in assessingand resolving IT issues, we can grow and become more profitable, and our customers benefit from better security and data protection.”

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