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IT Consultant Sees Double-Digit Growth From Adding Managed Services

MSP Challenges

  • Former firewall vendor required customers to budget several thousand dollars for equipment, plus additional money for annual licensing renewals
  • Customers wanted to use their own firewall to save money, but they still wanted eb Logix to manage it


After partnering with Barracuda MSP and requiring customers to use eb Logix’s recommended networking, security, and backup solutions, the MSP experienced:

  • A significant increase in sales
  • The ability to manage more customers with fewer labor resources
  • More consistent and comprehensive security and data protection


  • Greater control over customers’ backups and security monitoring
  • Shorter sales cycles, fewer price objections, and easier renewals with subscription-based services
  • 15-percent annual revenue growth in the first year, with 20-percent growth expected in the following year

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Saves the Day

“Despite frequent warnings to clients to not click on links from unknown sources, inevitably someone falls for a phishing scheme and takes the bait,” says Briddes. “Such was the case last year when WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware were running rampant. One of our customers clicked on a link containing one of these ransomware executables, and the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall immediately quarantined the threat and kept it from spreading to the rest of the client’s network. Without the firewall, the ransomware would easily have shut down the entire company, and it would have been a major ordeal to get the client back up and running.”

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