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Computing Technologies Inc.

Barracuda Intronis Backup Eases Transition from VAR/Break-Fix to MSP Business Model

MSP Challenges

  • Previous vendor restricted control over backups
  • Extended downtime due to lengthy restorations
  • Limited feature-sets and capabilities made it difficult to sell BDR
  • Customers did not know who was providing BDR services which led to confusion over billing and technical support

Barracuda MSP Solutions

In transitioning from its previous BDR vendor to Barracuda MSP, Computing Technologies received:

  • A white-labeled, re-brandable customer portal that ensures there is no question in the mind of the customer as to who is providing the BDR services
  • A BDR solution that provides faster restores in the event of an outage or data loss, minimizing downtime
  • An expansive feature set that includes the ability to customize backups based on the unique needs of customers
  • Customizable reporting that provides Computing Technologies with the flexibility it needs to align communications with customer preferences
  • Rebrandable marketing materials that make it easy to communicate the value proposition of Barracuda Intronis Backup and drive the sale of more cloud-based BDR services


Transition from VAR/break-fix model to an MSP business model made easier due to:

  • Fixed cost per SMB site pricing for Barracuda Intronis Backup, which creates cost certainty for MSPs like Computing Technologies and makes it easier for them to build margins and make data protection a growth driver

The ECHOplatform in Action

Recently, Computing Technologies had a chance to test Barracuda Intronis Backup’s mettle when one of its largest customers was hit with ransomware. “When they notified us of the incident, around 1TB of data had been affected,” said DeGrandchamp. “Fortunately, it had only been two hours since we had backed-up their data with Barracuda Intronis Backup, so we were able to mitigate the risk by restoring the original files. Within 24 hours, their business was back-up and running again and they only lost two hours of work because we were able to restore every one of their files that were saved during the final backup prior to the ransomware attack.”

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