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CMIT Solutions of the Outer Banks (CMIT of OBX)

Subscription-Based Firewall and Data Protection Services Help MSP Beat Competitor

MSP Challenges

  • Previous BDR and firewall vendors required customers to budget several thousand dollars for NAS devices and other appliances, plus software licensing, which led to frequent price objections.
  • Having numerous vendors made it hard for technicians to be specialized.


After partnering with Barracuda MSP, CMIT of OBX:

  • Leveraged Barracuda MSP’s product portfolio to easily consolidate vendors while still providing all the services customers are looking for.
  • Received quick, reliable support, which helps answer prospective customers’ timely questions.
  • Saw a significant reduction in customer pricing objections and an increase in BDR and firewall sales.


  • The MSP is bringing on more clients this year, and business is trending upward.
  • Using fewer vendors helps technicians become more familiar the products and ultimately provide a better customer service experience.

Competitive prices help CMIT win more business

“Our first customer was a BDR win involving the Barracuda Backup appliance,” says Scott DeMasse, president of CMIT Solutions of OBX. “When we first engaged the prospect, they were unhappy with their previous MSP’s service, and they were already planning to go with another company to save money. I had a heart-to-heart with the owner and convinced him to let me put together a competitive proposal before he made his final decision. The subscription-based model of the Barracuda Backup appliance allowed us to put together a proposal that was 50 percent less than what the client was paying previously while still being profitable for our company. They’re still a happy Barracuda MSP customer to this day.”

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