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Centric Technology Services

CloudGen Firewall Stops MSP’s Customers from Gambling with Ransomware

MSP Challenges

  • Previous firewall offering was cost-prohibitive for many customers
  • Customers risked their security by using consumer-grade firewalls
  • Encountered cost-related roadblocks when exploring alternatives such as firewall leasing programs
  • Hosting their own data center became too expensive


In transitioning from its previous firewall and cloud backup vendor to Barracuda MSP, Centric Technology received:

  • Lower barriers to entry, making high-performing firewalls more accessible to SMBs, due to monthly billing structure
  • High-end security resulting in fewer security incidents
  • A cost-effective HIPAA-compliant backup service


  • Greater control over customers’ backups and security monitoring
  • Proven reliability stopping malware and hacking attempts
  • A substantial increase in the number of customers upgrading to enterprise-grade security protection

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Saves the Day

In 2017, Centric Technology Services experienced firsthand how much protection the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall offers. “Our web server vendor notified us of an Apache Struts vulnerability,” says Justin Homeyer. “During the 12-hour period after being notified and receiving and updating our server software, our firewall log showed there were more than 1,100 hacking attempts trying to exploit the vulnerability. The Barracuda firewall stopped every attempt.”

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