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Advanced Technology Services

MSP Improves Cyberthreat Detection and Increase Efficiencies with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

MSP Challenges

  • The cyberthreat landscape is changing and evolving with new vulnerability found and exploited nearly every month. Their customers' have elevated concern for cybersecurity.
  • Traditional remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions didn't provide his team with insights into the devices on the network or the performance.
  • The ability to continually recognize, detect, and prevent threats from propagating.
  • When an attack does occurs, they have to be able to isolate compromised devices quickly and remedy the attack.


By using the Barracuda RMM, Advanced Technology Service:

  • Improved threat detection and remediation with integrated antivirus, custom automation, and scripting.
  • Created cross-sell opportunities with Service Desk offering to drive new revenue.
  • Reduced customer on-boarding time by 25 percent.
  • Increased overall efficiency and productivity by 10 percent.


  • Advanced Technology Services can deploy easier, on-board customers faster with service plans, run site security assessment, and secure customers with integrated antivirus from Avast Business.
  • Barracuda RMM enabled Advanced Technology Services to cross-sell opportunity with their Service Desk services and increase customer loyalty

Increase your customers' security

“Using Barracuda RMM, we have visibility into the overall security of the environment and any issues that may exist. This is critical in the battle against security threats and cybercrime.” — Bob Ascherl, Managed Service Director, Advanced Technology Services

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