The 13 Email Threats To Be Aware Of

What you need to know to protect your customers from these attacks

MSP Email Threat Types eBook

This eBook takes an in-depth look at the top email threat types, including their risks and impact on businesses, and how AI and API-based inbox defense can address the gaps in the email gateway and help provide total email protection against attacks.

  • Defend against sophisticated email threats that are able to bypass defenses and wreak havoc using backdoor techniques, including spoofing, social engineering, and fraud.
  • Protect end-users at the inbox level using the right combination of technology solutions and security-awareness training.
  • Use a multilayered protection strategy to radically reduce susceptibility to email attacks and help better defend your business, data, and people.

Learn the details of the top 13 email threat types and how to strengthen your customers' email security posture against them.

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