Conversational Email Security for MSPs

Why email security is vital to an MSP’s data protection strategy

Conversational Email Security for MSPs eBookConvincing SMBs that they need to invest in additional layers of cybersecurity protection can be a significant challenge for service providers. Often times, these SMBs feel that they don’t need additional layers to their defenses because they think they won’t be targeted or because it will take up too much of their budget.

In the "Conversational Email Security for MSPs" eBook, Nick Cavalancia, CEO of Conversational Geek, illustrates how MSPs can provide a comprehensive, layered email security strategy. Specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Package different layers of email security together into your offering
  • Position your email security stack in the minds of SMB clients
  • Convince and sell customers on your email security solutions effectively

This eBook isn't just about email threats and cybersecurity. Ultimately, it is about protecting your customers' data from being manipulated and stolen and helping your customers' businesses grow along with your MSP business.

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