Advanced Software Management

Enhance your security service offering with automated third-party patch and software update management.

Help your customers improve their security posture
Gain visibility

Quickly and easily identify any devices under your management that have out of date software.

Expand your capabilities

Access, test, and deploy patches and updates for thousands of software from over 100 software vendors.

Streamline processes

Schedule automated updates, pre-approve trusted vendors, and gain valuable insights via reporting.

Advanced Software Management Feature

Comprehensive Patches and Updates

Access to thousands of patches and updates from over 100 vendors.

Automatic Scanning

Schedule periodic scanning to all managed devices for any out-of-date software and patches.

Flexible Deployment Schedules

Schedule and deploy approved patches to specific groups of devices at desired times.

Simplified Vendor Management

A single vendor for all of MSPs’ need, including third-party patch and software management, remote monitoring and management, Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk, managed antivirus, and backup and disaster recovery services.

Customizable Management

Can be deployed across all customer sites or to certain devices based on customer preferences.

Adjustable Vendor Approval

Pre-approve trusted vendors’ patches and updates to streamline the patch and software update management process.

Transparent Reporting

All data is integrated into existing Barracuda RMM reports for ease of configuration and distribution to customers.

Services available with Barracuda RMM

The only way to deliver solid cybersecurity is to protect every layer of the business. Combining the right layers in an intuitive delivery platform ensures that you have superior protection on all fronts while eliminating complexity.

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