Managed Intronis Backup and Services

Maximize the efficiency of backup and recovery

For partners looking to maximize their efficiency and customer service levels, Barracuda MSP offers Restore Drive, Express Restores, Setup and Deployment, Managed Intronis Backup, and Full-Service Intronis Backup.

Restore Drive

No need to worry about bandwidth constraints as you conduct your next restore! We will download your data from our cloud onto an external hard drive and ship it to you to restore.

Express Restore

Here’s an even more ‘hands-off’ approach to conducting restores. In this approach, not only will we conduct the restore for you, but we will use a robust, dedicated machine to send the data, encrypted, to your customer for you.

Setup and Deployment

Barracuda MSP will take care of the work while you enjoy a stress-free experience, as well as:

  • Backups and accounts set up adhering to best practices
  • A quicker, smoother ramp-up process
  • Time and money savings by delegating the work to our team
  • A deeper collaboration with our team for advanced onboarding
  • Reliable monitoring and addressing of any issues by the Barracuda MSP team
  • The ability to focus on other revenue-generating activities

To get started, a dedicated Professional Services Engineer will work with you to gain the access and information required to:

  • Create accounts and sub-accounts
  • Install Intronis Backup software
  • Create your backup sets
  • Create and apply templates
  • Update your notifications
  • Add local vaults and local shares
  • Monitor all accounts
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Managed Intronis Backup
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For partners that prefer not to staff for routine backup management, Barracuda MSP offers Managed Intronis Backup and Full-Service Intronis Backup. A dedicated Professional Services Engineer will provide the highest level of customized support, bringing errors to a minimum and customer satisfaction to the max.

Additionally, you will receive:

  • Daily reports that include an active list of issues, relevant descriptions, and potential resolutions
  • Weekly activity summaries that recap recently closed cases, those that remain open, recurring cases, and any other relevant tips
  • Direct management of software updates and backup agents
  • Help creating initial backup sets, directly from the experts
  • Regular best practices audits of backup sets
  • Frequent check-in sessions between your designated point of contact and our dedicated Professional Services Engineer
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Full-Service Intronis Backup
Your team can save even more time with Full-Service Intronis Backup. You will receive all of the benefits of Managed Intronis Backup, plus:
Full service
  • Our team can proactively make any necessary adjustments on your behalf (after you grant remote access to monitor your machines)
  • Detailed, transparent reporting giving you visibility into each error and what corrective action was taken, without ever having to act yourself.
This model takes even more of the work off of you – no need for daily check-in sessions or for you to monitor your customers’ backups.

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“I would recommend Barracuda MSP Managed Backup Service to any Partner that doesn't have a dedicated resource on staff for managing backups. Our Intronis Partner Service Engineer has provided valuable expertise in optimizing the configurations of our backups, which are critical to our business. This enabled us to re-direct our internal technicians to handling other business, which saved us during a period of peak activity.”
– Mark Pontius, President, Compass Network Group, Inc.

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