Managed Backup Appliance

Our team monitors backups 24/7 and execute quick restores

With the Managed Backup Appliance service, you offer complete end-to-end backup and recovery with Barracuda Backup appliances, and we do the management. Our experts will monitor backups 24/7 and execute quick restores for disaster recovery.


Benefits to You

Why Managed Backup Appliances:

  • Easily expand (or launch new) data protection and disaster recovery offerings
  • Replace your legacy backup appliance(s) without retraining your techs
  • Achieve drastic savings associated with staffing in-house backup technicians
  • Create and deliver rebrandable reports and metrics that will highlight your data protection service effectiveness
  • Get access to a dedicated services and support team


What’s Included

An experienced team of dedicated engineers will provide configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and management, including:

  • Customized backup configurations based on your customers’ preferences
  • 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure backups are successful
  • Performance of necessary corrective action to complete failed backups
  • Upon request, a full restore can be run by our team
  • Notification of any communication disruptions from onsite equipment to our monitoring system
  • A monthly consolidated report on backup successes, issues, and remediation
  • Access to an exclusive support phone line


What to Expect

Our team will:

  • Migrate your appliance(s) from any legacy solution
  • Conduct remote installation services (pre-schedule required)
  • Activate and configure the appliance(s)
  • Set up backup event notifications

Service Level Objectives – Upon a backup error alert, you can expect:

  • Alert review and analysis: Less than 4 hours
  • MSP notification by phone/email: Less than 8 hours
  • Troubleshooting/remediation: Less than 48 hours
  • Post-event notification: Upon completion of remediation activities

Upon our receipt of a Move, Add, Change (MAC) request, you can expect:

  • Execution of MAC requests: Within 48 hours
  • Post-event notification: Upon completion of MAC request

Getting Started

Once you’ve completed your onsite installation, simply:

  • Call our Professional Services Team
  • Participate in a kickoff call to begin backup configuration
  • Identify your internal point-of-contact information for any questions or updates
  • We’ll take it from there

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