Managed Security Awareness Training

End User Security Training

Real-World Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training

With our phishing simulation and end-user security awareness training service, you can teach your customers’ employees how to spot, avoid, and report real-world attacks, while our team manages the campaign management and reporting.

Features & Benefits

Streamline Training

End user security training available to your customers without additional work for your technicians.

Campaign creations

Monthly campaigns created and managed by a member of the Barracuda MSP team

Comprehensive Reporting

Regular reports, branded with your logo, that you can share with each of your participating customers.

Maximize campaign execution

Maximize the value of the service while saving time with managed campaign execution and report generation.

Training Materials

A variety of phishing simulation emails and interactive training materials sent directly to the training participant.

Dedicated Support

Access to dedicated MSP phone support.

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